Production Bot 101: Turning it On

In the first episode of Production Bot 101, we look into the first step to getting started with your Production Bot: turning it on. 

What you'll need

An IEC cable. The IEC cable needed is a regular Edison adapter, so cables normally used outside of America might need adapters in order to work. 


To get started, simply use the IEC cable provided to connect the Production Bot to a power outlet. Once the cable is connected, you may power on your Production Bot by pressing the on button.


  • Make sure the IEC is plugged in all the way - otherwise you run the risk of it becoming unplugged if slightly pulled.
  • If you find yourself using a generated power, make sure to be in constant communication with the person in charge of it to avoid power getting pulled and losing all of your work. A good plan is to bring along a backup generator so if power does get pulled, you will still have some battery life to work with.