Production Bot 101: 4K Inputs and Outputs

In today's episode of Production Bot 101, we focus on setting up 4K inputs and outputs. Production Bot Switch 8 has an AJA Corvid 88 Capture Card, which means it contains 8x 3G inputs. This means that a 12G 4K input needs to be converted into 4x 3G 1080p inputs in order to be reflected as 4K; so you will have a maximum of two 4K inputs or one input and one output available. Here is how to do it:

Adding a 4K Input


Production Bot 101: Setting Up Records


In today's episode of Production Bot 101, we explain how to set up records in your Production Bot. Follow these simple steps to get started:

1. Open vMix. 

2. On the bottom left, click on the gear icon next to "Record."

3. You have two channels available to record on vMix. One of them will always default to Program and will be coordinated with Output 1. The other will offer a drop down menu with other Output options. If you plan on using both, make sure "Enable" is selected on the second record.