Production Bot 101 #12: Animated Transitions

In this episode of Production Bot 101 we show you how to set up and trigger animated transitions. In vMix, animated transitions are called Stingers, and to set one up you need to bring in a pre-made asset. We recommend using .mov files rendered ProRes 4444 since it provides high quality and maintains an Alpha channel, which is essential for animated transitions. Here's how to set them up.


Adding a Stinger:

1. Navitage to "Add Input" and choose a pre-made transition.

2.  Click on "Overlay" to set Stinger 1. 

3. Link your transition by navigating to "Stinger Input" and selecting it from the drop-down menu.

4. If you need to refine the cut point, click on "Stinger Cut Point" and change the value. This value is represented in milliseconds, so one thousand milliseconds corresponds to one second. Most times you will want to have your cut point right at the center, meaning if your transition is two seconds long, you will want to set your cut point at one second. 

Adding a Third Stinger:

vMix only allows you to set up two stingers. However, there is a way to add a third via scripting. Here is how it's done:


Enable Stingers with Audio:

1. Go into Settings for the Stinger source.

2. Go to "Multiview".

3. Add the audio file to one of the layers (this should be the same exact length as the stinger).